Some messages are difficult to deliver the way you want them to be received. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down - but any more than a spoonful, and the medicine won’t work. Pocky is just the right amount of sweet (but not too sweet) to help you say anything that needs to be said.


Pocky will put space on every Pocky box on which buyers can write their message - both the sweet and not-so-sweet of it - for a recipient.


These will be accompanied by seasonally-themed flavors & boxes with pre-written messages:



Pocky will post “Break The Message” posts to its timeline & stories. These will consist of not-so-sweet messages, designed in a very sweet way, on which users can @ their friends who might need to see them.



For a limited time, Pocky’s social media handlers will help less eloquent users break their sweet (but not too sweet) messages. Frustrated with a friend, co-worker, roommate, boyfriend, hook-up, parent, or that person who eats a tuna sandwich next to you on the subway every morning?  Let it all out - and @pockyusa will clean it up into an acceptable message to write on a box to give to them.


AD: Kat Stockton