A town that’s far out in more ways than one.


Marfa is a tiny little town (population: 2,000) the middle-of-nowhere west Texas desert. But it’s a tiny town where big ideas happen, as the multitude of artists, bohemians, and ne’er-do-wells that have stumbled across it can attest to.

And what makes it special is that it’s still the sort of place that feels like you just stumbled upon a secret. It’s not the sort of town you shove into a Skymall ad.

So we created a logo that’s kind of like a secret symbol - one that’ll pop up in the sorts of places that the right-minded people will stumble upon.


A collection of various paraphernalia useful for road trips and/or artistic contemplation. To be left in bars around major cities in Texas and New Mexico.

Bar coasters will have conversation starters for the sorts of debates that could last for a solid chunk of a road trip.


To go in back alleys, bar bathrooms, and wherever creative people take a minute to get away from it all.

AD & Designer: Ezell Brown