Go to any gym, and look at the weights. More specifically – who’s using the weights. Odds are it’s a boys club. And when you’re a teenage girl, that can scare you off wanting to pick up the hobby at all.

When your sport’s problem is visibility, being the change you want to see in the world starts with being seen.

Logo: Be Spotted

The Spot is a logo, a campaign, and most importantly a symbol. The women who wear it are letting other women know that they lift – and that they’re willing to help other women pick it up. And Adidas will donate 10% of all proceeds from Spot-branded weightlifting gear to the Women’s Strength Coalition, an NYC-based non-profit that promotes women’s weightlifting.

Alt. Marks:




“THE SPOT” Community GYM

10% of all proceeds from Spot-branded gear will go towards building and funding The Spot, a gym space for and maintained by the Women’s Strength Coalition. The Spot will offer free training sessions specifically for teenage girls.




Adidas will start the #spotted challenge. Girls can submit posts and videos of themselves to the hashtag showing themselves weight training with a friend. They will then nominate their friends to pass it on and do the same!

Participants will be able to scan the logo on all Spot-branded gear to get special challenge filters they can use.